Our gallery wall

Often when people come into our home or see a photo of it they ask how our gallery wall came to be. Creating the gallery wall was a total team effort, meaning I got the brilliant idea and Ethan made it happen (with my help) and it keeps growing as our family does. This gem […]

Our Peach is ONE!

Fastest year EVER. Miss peach Adelaide is just the sweetest and we cannot imagine our lives with out her. She fits into our little family perfectly and loves adventures and fun just much as the rest of us. Her Zi is by far her favourite to hang out with and he calls her “peachy-peach”. They […]

Mornings to Remember

Our Saturday mornings have become a family favorite over here. Complete with pancakes, lots of snuggles, play and usualy an adventure of some sort. I wanted to remember these days as well as our first home, as we are currently awaiting the perfect new place to renovate and call ours. I had my friend Lindsay […]

Awaiting Baby Baby

It’s been a long while that I have posted yet again. Likely because this has not been a season that I have had a lot of words. So I will stick to the major family milestones for now. As we excitedly await the arrival of our next baby, I thought it would be the perfect […]

The beauty of 2016

While I titled this post the beauty of 2016, it has seemed everything but beautiful in all honesty. And yet it has actually revealed beauty to me. A new beauty. Beauty in healing wounds, battle scars and simple, everyday moments. Like so many 2016 has been a wild year. Wild in the way that it […]